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Online maths for all ages and abilities, with support from qualified and experienced teachers in the UK.

For less than the cost of a meal out each month, your child can have access to unlimited online maths PLUS a monthly tuition session with one of our qualified, experienced teachers – either an 80 minute face-to-face tuition session at Exeter Tuition Centre or a 45 minute online session from the comfort of your home. As a parent you also get unlimited phone and email support from an expert!

What’s more, Exeter Maths Club members automatically join the A*Starz Prize Club. That means that all of the work they do at home converts into real prizes. The hardest part will be choosing: a remote controlled helicopter, an artist’s drawing set, a table-top pool table, a fountain pen…

If your child would benefit from extra maths support but your schedule makes it hard to fit in regular tuition, or if your child loves maths and wants to go further than the school curriculum allows, the Exeter Maths Club is for you.

Join the Club

Joining is simple, and the first month is only £5!* Once you’ve signed up you’ll receive full details and instructions by email. You can decide when to use your tuition session each month, and you can book it online or over the phone. Your fees will never increase, you’re not tied in to any contracts, you can stop at any time, and help is only a phone call or email away!

*Use the code WELCOME to get £25 off your first month

About Exeter Maths Club

Exeter Maths Club is run by the team of UK-qualified, professional, expert tutors at Exeter Tuition Centre. We have a wide range of experience and a sensitive and flexible approach to teaching. We are dedicated to helping children to do their very best in school and at home, and the Exeter Maths Club enables us to help children and parents who don’t live near Exeter.

The Exeter Maths Club is unique and unrivalled

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Your first month is only £5 and you can cancel any time!